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Startup Member Latrust Animation
Latrust Animation

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PT LATRUST KREATIF INDONESIA is a 2D animation studio based in the bustling city of Malang in East Java, Indonesia. Since our founding in 2020, we have focused on creating engaging explainer videos and motion graphics for businesses and individuals alike. At Latrust, we believe in the power of animation to communicate complex ideas and inspire audiences. Whether you need a promotional video for your product or a fun animated short, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life with creativity and attention to detail.

CEO/Owner : Enricco Delfiansaputra
Startup Type : Film & Animation Studio
Alamat : Jl. Bandulan Gg. 8 No.47 Blok K1, Bandulan, Kec. Sukun, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65146
Contact : 0895366406486